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Apple smoked bacon (from time to time) - our own dry cured back or streaky bacon gently smoked over Bramley Apple wood chips.

Cherry smoked dry cured bacon - gently and slowly smoked over local cherry wood chips.

These products are smoked in our own smoker carefully watched over  to ensure that the flavour of the wood enhances the meat without smothering the natural flavour of our pork.

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Welcome to Downland Produce.

The Wilkinson Family have been Breeders and growers of naturally healthy, happy pigs and purveyors of prime, fresh pork and products from our own farm for over 25 years.

Please have a wander round our website and see - what we do, how we do it and where you can buy our succulent pork.


For a long time we have received sales enquiries from people around the country who have heard about our high quality produce but until now we have not been geared up to offer a mail order service.

Following the contamination incidents over the past few months, involving high profile online and high street organisations, we have decided to start making our meat available direct via an online ordering service from early May.

Our aim is to make buying top quality, traceable meat as easy as possible direct from our new butchery. With our short supply chain (farm to abattoir to us to you) customers can be totally confident that what they are getting is "farm fresh" and they will know exactly where it is produced.


In addition to our Downland, Naturally reared Pork we will be offering Lackham, 28 day, dry aged, Limousin X BEEF and when available Lackham, grass-fed, TexelL X Lamb. We will also make available our full product range including Award Winning Sausages, Ham and Bacon

Prime Downland meat delivered to your door at an affordable price is about to become a reality.



This is David with a few of his happy pigs.


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